Hyperbaric Treatment with Dr. Cohen – Feel Better From the Inside Out!

When modern medicine doesn’t provide the solution, it takes looking back into history to find the answer. Hyperbaric treatment, although invented centuries ago, may be the solution to your struggle with chronic illness.

Originally used for deep-sea divers to prevent complications associated with prolonged drives, today hyperbaric treatment is approved for a growing list of multiple conditions. Noninvasive and non-painful, the therapy saturates your body with high-pressurized levels of 100% oxygen. Chicago Neurological Service to Lakeshore Hyperbaric Center, led by Dr. Lenny Cohen, is excited to bring the unique benefits of this alternative therapy to Chicagoland patients.

When nothing else has worked, our innovative hyperbaric technology and compassionate service come together to bring you hope.

What is Hyperbaric Therapy

Hyperbaric Doctor Lenny Cohen and his Chicago based Lakeshore Hyperbaric Center – Resurfacing a Centuries-Old Breakthrough Health Modality

When it comes to exciting developments in modern medicine, hyperbaric therapy is one of the most interesting and promising options to be gaining ground. A premier hyperbaric doctor in Chicago, Lenny Cohen, MD, and his team at Lakeshore Hyperbaric Center (LHC) have opened the first stand-alone hyperbaric center in the Chicagoland region. Together, they are driven by a mission to provide this underutilized yet highly effective therapy to the public at affordable rates. Hyperbaric therapy has been around for more than 350 years. Within the last several decades, this unusual therapy has improved with the advancement of technology, and today is an FDA-approved form of treatment for a wide variety of neurological, orthopedic, and other common medical conditions. Performed under the supervision of a physician and highly trained technicians, hyperbaric therapy is a strong option for people who have not benefited from previously attempted therapies. For many patients, the hyperbaric modality works quickly and effectively to improve quality of life.

Our Values:

  • Customer-focused care fueled by education, understanding, and compassion.
  • Respect for patients, co-workers, and partners.
  • Individualized service from a boutique-style, single-doctor office.
  • Safety, security, and comfort for our patients is our highest priority.
  • Honesty and integrity upheld by every staff member.

Our Mission

Lakeshore Hyperbaric Center is committed to providing the best possible care in a welcoming environment. We recognize that each patient has unique health care needs, and we offer professional and compassionate care to everyone. Our mission is to promote a healthier lifestyle through hyperbaric oxygen therapy which has a variety of proven and potential benefits


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