A board-certified neurologist, Dr. Cohen’s primary interest in preventive neurological care and the brain aging process stems from the recent loss of his father, who suffered from Alzheimer’s. Affected dramatically, Dr. Cohen made the decision to continue his involvement in neurology and open the first stand-alone hyperbaric center in Chicago.

Dr. Cohen is respected as a specialist in the field of neurology and has had numerous speaking engagements nationwide. Since 2007, Dr. Cohen has also been on staff at RUSH Oak Park Hospital, and has helped hundreds of patients overcome their neurological disabilities. He is formerly the director of the RUSH Oak Park stroke center, and calls on the support of this superior health system to assist at his hyperbaric center when required.

Together with his team at LHC, Cohen focuses his efforts on providing affordable revolutionary therapy, along with comprehensive neurological evaluations and testing, including EEG (electroencephalogram) and EMG (electromyography).

 Our approach defines our expertise and unparalleled quality of care:

  • Individualized treatment for every client, regardless of income or insurance status
  • Experienced and specialized treatment targeting all complex neurological conditions, including strokes, multiple sclerosis, headaches, movement disorders, and chronic back pain
  • State-of-the-art proven modalities for both Medicare-approved and non-Medicare-approved indications
  • Single-specialty, single-doctor office
  • Patient-centric professionals who value and listen to patients
  • Boutique-style office focused on preventive therapy
  • Increasing availability of services by expanding to two locations (Oak Park, IL and Chicago, IL)
Hyperbaric therapy may be the best option available to treat your condition. Call us if you have questions about our approach to hyperbaric therapy, or would like to schedule an appointment.